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Socrates MacSporran
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Friday, 16 February 2018

Good Luck Eck - You're Going To Need It

THE continuing ability of the SFA to get things wrong is astonishing, and few events better exemplify this than the arse-about-face decision to appoint the National Team Manager BEFORE appointing a new Chief Executive, at a time when both positions were vacant.

He's back - Alex McLeish

In any normal business, when two such-important roles were vacant at the same time common sense would dictate, the main leadership role, that of Chief Executive, was filled before the subsidiary role. But, as we are all too well aware, football is not “normal” business.

Of course, there are some within Scottish football, and two clubs in particular, who would rather the national association was not run well, did not have a dynamic, charismatic, out-going leader, determined to make football better. Such a leader just might ask uncomfortable questions, put in place processes which upset the long-established status quo and, perish the thought, made Scotland bigger than their own club brands.

Others, further down the food chain, fear a moderniser and improver just might ask them, what their club was all about, and what right it had to be as-influential.

No better we do something, fill what is, let's face it, a bit of a non-job, with someone we know, and worry about the more-important job later.

Nothing against Big Eck – if he can have the same wins record as he had first time round, but maybe with the bonus this time of actually qualifying for something, I will be happy, but, I am not confident.

He has done nothing in management since quitting Scotland last time round, indeed, I would say, he needed to be Scotland manager a lot more than Scotland needed him. He is, to be fair, I feel now the ideal age to be a national boss. He has served his time in the club game, this would be a good job from which to hang-up the bench jacket and retire to a life of punditry, having seen us back to one or other of the big shows.

So, it is a risk, but, I fear, as ever with Scotland, the in-built and continuing failings of the Scottish football system will stymie him. But, good luck Eck – you will need it.

AND, when it comes to the new CEO, the man the SFA is looking for is sitting slightly to their left, at the other end of the M8.

Mark Dodson - the man for Hampden

Given the way he has ridden rough-shod over the feelings of his member clubs, totally-ignored their protests and done his own thing, emasculated the elected officers, virtually blown asunder years of: “Ye canna dae that son, it's aye been done this way and aye will be”, SRU CEO Mark Dodson is surely the right man for Hampden.

Along the way, he has turned around the SRU's finances and been key in recruiting two world-class coaches in succession to the SRU's top job. He's the man for Hampden. Why, a lot of SRU club guys will happily vouch for him, and even help him to make the move.

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