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Socrates MacSporran
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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Whyte Trial - Should Be Fun

I DON'T know who will be happier at the apprehennsion of Craig Whyte - the Capulets or Montagues of Scottish football's permanently warring families.
As it stands, of course, wee Craigie has done nothing wrong - these are only allegations, which will have to be tested in court. A pity the case comes under a branch of the law inwhich Donald Finlay QC does not practice; bigger pity that the Blue Brazil's Chairman is strictly a defence advocate - I'd love to see Finlay, acting for the prosecution, questioning Whyte, David Murray and Walter Smith. Won't happen, sadly.
I always enjoyed the legal costume drama 'Garrow's Law', featuring as it did such brilliant TV actors as Alun Armstrong and the late Warren Clarke. The bear pit which was 18th century courtrooms, as portrayed in the series, was great fun, so, I have a suggestion.
Why not hold the Whyte trial at Hampden, let the public in and let them let rip. They could charge as much as the SFA does for meaningless friendlies and they would make a bomb - between Ra Peepul baying for blood and the Celtic Family, claiming Craig Whyte must stay. All taking to go to charity, it would wipe out poverty in Scotland over the length of the trial; it would be great TV too.
Just a wee point. Given his track record and the amount of unpaid bills and bankruptcies he has gone through, I suspect Mr Whyte might require Legal Aid in order to defend himself, so, it looks as if we will be paying.
Ach, put it down to entertainment costs.
I WATCHED the Celtic v Saltzburg match in midweek. Celtic were, in my opinion, lucky to get away with a 3-1 beating, but, they will be in Europe after Christmas, so, what's not to like.
In reality, this is not a vintage, or anything like a vintage Celtic team. I thought the Austrians were a far-slicker outfit, playing what looked suspiciously like an old-fashioned Scottish passing game.
I can understand why Ronnie Diela and Co shop in Aldi and Lidl as it were, Scott Brown's limitations were again exposed in Europe, fo instance.
The whole ethos of Scottish football is flawed. We still put effort and brawn before ball-skills and, until we properly address this across the board in our game, we will be a wee, seldom considered off-shore nation of little consequence in the game.
FINALLY, the final whistle blew on Arthur Montford this week. To guys of my generation, Arthur was televised football in Scotland, a legend.
Having had the pleasure of meeting him often, when covering games at Cappielow, I can confirm, he was every bit the gentleman he came across as. He genuinely was a football fan, but, I have to say, his real passion was golf.
Today's "giants" of Scottish televisied football are pygmies in comparison to Arthur. 

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