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Socrates MacSporran
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Monday, 22 December 2014

You Don't Do Much Gardening At This Time Of Year

SO, the greatest goalscorer in the history of football has been placed on "gardening leave". FFS, he's going to be paid £750,000-plus for the next 12 months; for that, he could hire Alan Titsmarch and have the best garden in Scotland - then charge admission and clean-up.
I dare say, Mr McCoist will, sooner or later, turn-up at the home for retired Old Firm stars who have failed in management - the broadcast media; I see a frantic bidding war between BBC, Radio Clyde and, maybe Sky, who might wish to put Ally up against Souness.
A return to management, not any time soon.
Now there is the big question: who takes over?
Well, the usual suspects will be in the frame - Butcher, McColl, Billy Davies, for starters. All are: "Good Rangers Men", all will be punted as possibles. Butcher, however, is reportedly: "finished with Scottish football", while - let's be honest, Davies is a "selling plater" where a Group One thoroughbred is called-for. I reckon, McColl might be the man, assuming someone acceptable to: "Ra Peepul", has to be appointed.
Mike Ashley will, however, be the most-likely man to make the appointment, so, we could well see a somewhat left-field Englishman installed. Quite what the Bears make of this is another matter.
A wee detour here. The SFA is, apparently, somewhat perturbed that Mr Ashley, already the owner of Newcastle United, might be having an influence at Ibrox which is contrary to football's rules of governance. These, apparently do not allow an individual to have control of two different football clubs.
I would suggest, if the SFA tried to enforce this, Ashley could take them to court for "restraint of trade". After all, Rangers (as we must refer to the Tribute Act here) and Newcastle United, compete in different leagues, under different league jurisdiction. I reckon, if the SFA tried it on, Ashley could take them to court and clean-up.
At this stage of the season, it will take a massive collapse by Hearts to get the Tribute Act into first place in the Championship. For sure, between: The new boss bounce" and installing a manager with a bit more tactical nouse and motivational skills than McCoist had, a nine-point gap is not insurmountable, but, realistically - the Ibrox concern's best hope of getting back to the top-flight is via the play-offs.
This will require the players to show a bit more smeddum than they have hitherto this season.
Truly, we live in interesting times.
I WATCHED the Celtic v Dundee United game on Sunday. This demonstrated, this is not a good Celtic team. Yet, that said, United rode their luck somewhat. However, this win was good for Scottish football. It keeps things interesting.
One aspect of the match did concern me. For much of the second half, the game by-passed Scott Brown. This is the Celtic and Scotland captain, as such, he is almost duty-bound to have a major influence on matches such as this - he didn't.
I feel Brown is a far-better player when he has Charlie Mulgrew beside him. Mulgrew was absent on Sunday. Maybe, just maybe, he and not the skipper is now the main man at Celtic Park.

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